Anthea is a professional model and an up and coming designer. She is constantly looking for the latest fashion and beauty trends. She jumped at the chance to be wear Nubian Kinks custom made two strand twist Human Hair Weave. This weave is two hairstyles wrapped into one. Once she is tired of wearing the twist she can open her twist and have a full head of crinkled and curly hair, without worrying about any hair falling out. Not only does she has the convenience of having two hairstyles, she doesn’t have to sit for 5 - 8 hours to get her hair two strand twist. To order this hair please go to our online store at

I used a liquid foundation to even out Anthea’s complexions. I loose powder was used to set in the foundation. I used a dark brown eyebrow powder to arch her eyebrows. A shimmery cream colored and a chocolate eyeshadow was used on the eye area. I gave her a two-toned lip color with a mauve lip color on the light lip area and a pink lip gloss in the center part of her lips.
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