Lesley wanted a break from the hair dyes. She stressed that she wanted something different from the same old synthentic braids that everyone is wearing. We both agreed that Nu-Locs would best suit what she was looking for. Nu-Loc are braids but instead of using hair we used yarn. I chose yarn that was closest to Lesley's hair color. This style can last up to 2 1/2 - 3 months. You can wash your hair as you like and when dried you can easily manipulate your Nu-Locs to suit your liking.
Lesley is not very fond of wearing makeup, so we used very little foundation and powder. On her eyes a chestnut powder was used to fill in her eyebrows. A shimmery silver dust was evenly brushed over her eyes then a deep purplish blue eyeshadow was applied to her eyelids. Dark brown eyelashes were applied. For her lips I used a deep brown lipstick on the outter layer of her lips and a golden bronze lipstick in the center of her lips.

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